American Standard Champion 4 Max Reviews 2019


The American Standard brand provides toilets that are high-performance and stylish. Their toilets are of great value and can be used for various projects. The American Standard Champion 4 Max toilet model is one of the world’s best-selling series of flushing toilets. Former users have highly praised and recommended this toilet design along with the toto toilets – more details found here Moreover, the Champion 4 Max tall height toilet incorporates the sturdy champion 4 flushing system along¬†with a 4-inch piston action accelerator valve. It means that all bowl contents are removed in one flush and that the everclean surface keeps the toilet bowl sparkling clean. The toilet has the highest rate of 1000 g bulk removal, which can flush virtually anything. It is worth mentioning that this is a high-efficiency toilet as it is WaterSense certified and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. Therefore, you will wind up saving water. The Champion 4 Max have two toilet models. These are the Champion 4 tall height round bowl toilet and Champion 4 Max tall height elongated bowl toilet. These two-piece toilets have a lot of similarities, but they also differ in one way or another. Learn more from Home Worthy List about about Champion 4 Max and get the best offers.

Champion 4 Max toilet with elongated bowl


If you’re not concerned about bathroom space, the Champion 4 max tall height elongated toilet will be an excellent choice for you. This two-piece toilet comes with a high bowl to make it convenient for adults to sit and stand. The chair closes very comfortably and slowly. So, there is no more banging of the toilet seat.


  • It has a tall height design for comfortable standing or sitting.
  • Easy to install.
  • It can move a mass 70 per cent larger than the industry standard.
  • Offers excellent comfort as it has an elongated bowl design.
  • The everclean surface of the toilet prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Champion 4 Max toilet with a round bowl

The round bowl version of the Champion 4 max is perfect for people with a small bathroom. This toilet is more compact, but it has many similar characteristics. Similar to the elongated bowl toilet, this model is also made of vitreous china material. It includes a tank, covered toilet seat, bowl, trip-lever, tank-to-bowl coupling kit, bolt caps, and wax ring.


  • Sleek and compact design.
  • The toilet uses only 1.28 GPF of water.
  • Soft-close toilet seat.
  • Excellent flushing mechanism that clears contents in one flush.
  • Everclean surface makes sure that the toilet surface remains clean after every use.
  • Warranty of 10 years.


The Champion 4 max toilet models offer outstanding performance and is very easy to use. The toilets are made of long-lasting vitreous china material, and the everclean surface ensures that most of the time, your toilet stays clean. If your bathroom is small, the design of the round bowl toilet is better, while if you want comfort and own a large bathroom, the design of the Champion 4 elongated bowl will be more suitable.