About Us

The company insolvency and the more often following private insolvency, have beside their possible personal liability for you as a managing director, considerable long-term effects on your financial standing and your financial margin.

If a restructuring is, out of temporally or balance reasons, not possible anymore, we supervise and consult you at the different possibilities of company insolvency, the potentially private insolvency and at a re-launch with all kinds of measures who be worth considering.

Our aim is to avoid insolvency as possible or to reduce the effects for you to a minimum and to form your entrepreneurial and private life “after it” positively.

The first confidential interlocution in your company with you, your lawyer or tax consultants is for the two-way exchange of information and is for our interlocutor not binding and does not involve costs. After an analysis of your economic situation and the presentation of a practice oriented and creative sanitation concept you can decide if you want to engage us for a short period of time, project-related or long-term.

Don’t give away your temporally margin needless. Give us a call or send us the contact form as an E-Mail. We normally contact you discreetly the same day.

The legal advice is invariably made not by our management-consultants, but exclusively by qualified lawyers.